They've got the look: Last-minute Halloween costumes inspired by celebs, journalists and members of our NABJ BNV team

Danielle Pinnock
The fictional Alberta Haynes is a sassy and talented jazz singer who is one of the characters on CBS' "Ghosts." Not only is she educating the public about the Great Migration - as part of her storyline - she also makes a statement about positive body image. To capture Haynes' vintage look gracefully executed by actor/comedienne Danielle Pinnock, we recommend rummaging through your grandmother's closet or a second-hand store for '20s-style velvet dresses and hats. You can find long strands of faux pearls at Target. Photo credit: Bertrand Calmeau/CBS
Ken Lemon
Ken Lemon spends his working hours fighting for the truth as a reporter for the Channel 9 Eyewitness News team in the Charlotte, North Carolina, market. In this Halloween photo, Lemon is taking on another kind of fight as a Roman gladiator. "The leather wristbands, plastic sword, and chest guard were purchased. I found an old red T-shirt. The red signifies rank in the Roman legion. I cut off the sleeves and cut slits in the sides to make it look like a toga," Lemon shares for those who want to copy his look. Photo credit: Ken Lemon
Angela Bassett
If you're feeling particularly regal this Halloween, we suggest dressing up as Angela Bassett as Queen Ramonda from "Black Panther" and the soon-to-be-released "Wakanda Forever." While this look practically demands that your friends, coworkers and random people on the street bow down to you, we believe it can be easily created at home with a nice king-sized sheet and a couple of hats strategically glued together and covered with fabric. Photo credit: Marvel Studios
Walter Smith-Randolph
The storybook romance between Walter Smith-Randolph, investigative editor at Connecticut Public Broadcasting, and his bride, LeAnne Randolph, was so special that The New York Times published a piece about it. That's why it seems fitting that they would dress up for Halloween like another closer-than-close couple -- JayZ and Beyonce. To complete the look, they "ordered a bunch of trinkets like the chain and glasses, hat and wig from Amazon," Smith-Randolph says. This is the look that the Carters donned for their 2014 On The Run Tour. Photo credit: Walter Smith-Randolph
Quinta Brunson
If you're feeling a particularly strong creative vibe this Halloween, perhaps you could dress up as writer/producer/actor Quinta Brunson of ABC's "Abbott Elementary" playing Philly teacher Janine Teagues dressed up as Philadelphia 76er James Harden for the show's Halloween episode. This look was so captivating that even Harden retweeted a photo. Photo credit: Disney
Kenya Whitfield
We think NABJ BNV IT consultant Kenya Whitfield is so spot on as the cover of Toni Braxton's first album (named after her), that it motivated us to waste 20 minutes looking for the club remix version of "Another Sad Love Song" and listening to it. "Here come the strings, then somebody sings ... " But we digress. Whitfield keeps the NABJ BNV website up-to-date with breaking news and technical tricks. She is also a very engaged mom. Her free time is limited. Her secret to this look? "Amazon," she says. Photo credit: Kenya Whitfield
Vickie Thomas
Fans of Vickie Thomas, director of communications for the city of Detroit and former WWJ 950 reporter, have never seen her quite like this. In this Halloween photo, she's a vampire oozing Black girl magic -- so we're calling her a Blampire, or even a Glampire. "I purchased the vampire outfit which came with the wig and used the vampire makeup kit to complete the look," says Thomas, who is an inductee into the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame -- though we think she should be just as famous for her Blampire/Glampire glam. Photo credit: Vickie Thomas
Barack Obama
The post-White House Barack Obama has been a mix of relaxation and nonprofit work. Sometimes he even goes as far as to go without a tie and undo the top button of his shirt. Relaxed Obama can be done in a number of ways -- in a warm-up suit, wading in the surf in Hawaii in swimming trunks (probably best to have a six pack if you're going to try this one) or playing golf. We're sharing this photo of Obama playing golf at Farm's Neck in Martha's Vineyard to give you some inspiration. Photo credit: Public domain
Viola Davis
The public has embraced Viola Davis as "The Woman King" so strongly that at least one company has already put a costume on sale for cosplayers. But of course, today is Halloween and not even Amazon can deliver that quickly. We think you can mimic this look pretty easily with a couple of layered work-out bras, bicycle shorts, a running skirt or mini skirt, some creative hair styling and a few arm cuffs. For your staff, you could unscrew the handle of your broom or mop and decorate it. Photo credit: Sony Pictures