By Melanie Eversley

An investigation by a suburban Philadelphia-area district attorney concludes with “near certainty” that police fired the bullets that killed an 8-year-old Black girl and wounded three others last month.

The incident that left little Fanta Bility dead happened in Sharon Hill, Penn., outside of Academy Park High School. Police were responding to reports of gunfire and an altercation between three males after a football game. Police arrived as a crowd exited the stadium. When the shots were fired, a car turned directly into the officers, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

“We have concluded that the gunfire, combined with the movement of the vehicle, precipitated responsive gunfire from the Sharon Hill police officers,” Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer said of a ballistics analysis.

Stollmeier is asking a local judge to impanel a grand jury.

Bruce Castor Jr., a lawyer representing the Bility family, said he is satisfied that the district attorney is “ … playing it straight, by the book.

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