A leaked recording of a Wisconsin corporate president preaching against demonstrations of diversity has got employees wondering about their company.

Someone shared a recording to social media of Carl Dvorak, president of health records giant Epic Systems, based in Verona, saying that the company’s diversity committee should squash any talk of advocacy for inclusion and that such a committee is not the place for such causes.

“It’s OK to have passions, but not here,” Dvorak says on the recording. “This isn’t the platform to fight for your social cause.”

He further says that the role of the in-house diversity committee is to silence such causes, the Wisconsin State Journal reports. 

“I can see that sometimes there’s going to be an effort to be lobbyists or to kind of groupthink, ‘Let’s band together and force the company,’ I don’t see that as part of the role for (diversity, equity and inclusion),” he said. “If anything, I actually see this team’s partial responsibility is to expunge that from the workplace: refocus people to go to their community efforts around those topics, those issues, but not to allow, or to encourage, or even turn a blind eye to misuse of company time and resources.”

In an unsigned statement, the company said Dvorak made the comments last year in reference to the company’s then newly formed diversity, equity and inclusion committee. The comments were in response to one committee member being bullied because she is married to a police officer, the Journal reported.  

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