Sports history in Black: NBA’s Terry Porter makes history

There were many great NBA players in the early 1990s to the 2000s — Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, Clyde Drexler and many others in that timespan who could flat-out play.

One guy who didn’t necessarily have a big name but who could play was a Terry Porter, a teammate of Drexler’s during his time in Portland, Oregon.

Porter could do it all on the court: shoot, defend and assist. He made teams better. He also became the first to join a special club in the NBA. On Nov. 24, 2001, Porter had three assists as a member of the San Antonio Spurs in a 99-94 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Those three assists made Porter the only player in NBA history with
15,000 points, 7,000 assists, 1,000 steals and 1,000 three-pointers.

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