Sports history in Black: Spud Webb surprises all with his dunks

Spud Webb surprises all with his dunks

Anthony Jerome “Spud” Webb played on a few teams during his NBA career including the Atlanta Hawks, Sacramento Kings and Orlando Magic. But he is most famous for his ability to leap.

Anthony “Spud” Webb in 1994 at Melbourne Olympic Park. Photo credit: Diemheych

Standing at 5 feet, 7 inches, no one would have guessed Webb would be able to touch the backboard, let alone dunk. Well, Webb not only dunked a basketball, but he captivated fans with his ability to leap in the air, almost appearing to fly. That ability allowed Webb to be the shortest Slam Dunk champion ever in 1986. On July 13, 1963, Spud was born in Dallas, Texas. 

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