Sports history in Black: Vikings’ Jim Marshall makes legendary wrong-way fumble return

By Mike Patton

NABJ Black News & Views

There is nothing like watching sports. The great plays, the great shots and the exuberance when a a great moment happens can be remembered for ever. In some instances, those moments can leave a lasting memory of a player or team.

Former Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jim Marshall in 1970. Photo credit: Public domain.

Similar to a great moment being remembered, a all-time blooper will be burned in the brain. One of the greatest bloopers of all time happened on October 25, 1964, when
Minnesota Vikings star defensive end Jim Marshall recovered a fumble. But instead of running the fumble back for a touchdown for the Vikings, Marshall got turned around on the field and ran the wrong way, scoring a safety for the San Francisco 49ers.

This play is still one of the greatest NFL bloopers of all-time.

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