By Kennae Hunter

According to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Covid-19 Technical Lead, Dr. Maria Van Kerkove, “People are dying in countries because they don’t have access to COVID-19 vaccines.” According to her, the world has the tools to stop the pandemic which are vaccines, testing, and treatment. But those things are not being distributed equally, she said.

The Covid-19 vaccinations are only preventing deaths in the countries that have access to the vaccines and other tools. In the countries that are able to buy vaccines, the hospitalizations and death numbers have dropped. Only 4.4% of people in low income countries have been vaccinated.

There are some countries near a 100% vaccination rate amongst citizens while others are less than 1%. Wealthier countries have the means to make deals with pharmaceutical companies and are already administering third booster shots. This is occurring despite some people in poorer countries not being able to get the first dose. 

Richer nations promised to support getting everyone the tools their countries needed, but that has not been fulfilled. 

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