By Kennae Hunter

Residents in an east side Buffalo, N.Y. neighborhood argue against implementation of a liquor store on the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor during a public hearing regarding the project. It is controlled by the city’s lawmakers. 

Hatem Hassan filed a special use permit to move his current liquor store business on William Street for expansion purposes. Hassan’s attorney said that the building in question has no significant history itself and is just a standard building. But residents still are opposed because of  issues such as litter and loud noise that a liquor store presence can bring to a community.. 

Residents would prefer to see something that would have a more positive impact while also preserving the heritage and history of the corridor. After citing the opposition, the contractor on the project decided to quit on the spot. City lawmakers indicated that they would not support it even though the permit still has to be voted on by the full council. 

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